Media and Discourse

The multifaceted links between language and gender, as well as between language and sexuality, have served as a primary subject of investigation for many scholars engaged in the interdisciplinary study of language and linguistics, which encompasses a wide range of traditions including sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, formal linguistics, and psycholinguistics, among others. Research in these traditions has addressed how conceptions of gender are reflected within language systems, how gender and sexual identities are performed using sociolinguistic resources, how speakers with various gender identities contribute to language change, how gendered personae are constructed in media, and many other related questions. In light of evolving notions surrounding gender and sexual identities, research on language, gender and sexuality is increasing in societal relevance; scholarship investigating gendered pronouns and other grammatical gender marking in linguistic systems, for example, is now of vital practical importance.

Facilitators: Mie Hiramoto and Rebecca Lurie Starr (English Language and Literature)

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