Positions available

The FASS Gender and Sexuality Research Cluster (GSRC) is looking for two or three graduate students to volunteer for activities that we will be starting for the new academic year. We invite interested graduate students at the National University of Singapore to apply for the positions of GSRC Volunteers.  The term of duty will be 1 year.

The application deadline is 25 September 2020, 6pm.  Applications have closed. Contact us if you’re interested in applying for next year.

As a Volunteer Member of the GSRC, you will be included in helping to organise and administer our events – some of which will be locally oriented, others will involve overseas speaker events, etc. As a Volunteer you will assist the Steering Committee in our range of activities. 

The selected Volunteers will act as Graduate Advocates on behalf of the graduate student members of the cluster (including undergraduate GSRC members). This can involve setting up activities that you wish to develop (for example a reading group, thesis reading groups), activities that are graduate-centred (a faculty member steering committee or two will have to be included in these – it is part of the regulations for the Research Clusters). We are also open to new roles or ideas you think the GSRC could do to encourage student involvement and interaction among researchers. 

As a Volunteer Member you will have the chance to participate in the workings of the GSRC and to interact with leading researchers who are affiliated/associated with the group. We encourage the Volunteer Members to work with the Steering Committee to promote FASS-sponsored GSRC workshops, help manage research and social events, organise student events at workshops, and develop a page on the GSRC website specifically for graduate student members.

For semester one of AY2020/2021, we expect everything to take place online, but this will be reviewed in line with NUS decisions. 

If you are interested in joining, please email Dr. YUEN Shu Min (jpsyuen@nus.edu.sg) with the subject line “FASS GSRC application” and attach a single pdf document containing your CV and a short paragraph (less than 1 page) about why you want to become a Graduate Volunteer Member and what you hope to contribute. Please include any prior research and education experience related to gender and sexualities. 

About the GSRC: 

The Gender and Sexuality Research Cluster, housed in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the National University of Singapore, aims to develop a dynamic, vibrant and timely space for intellectual conversations and engagements focused primarily on genders and sexualities, especially in the context of and from within Asia. 

Steering Committee: Tracey Skelton (Geography), Rebecca Lurie Starr (English Language and Literature), Mie Hiramoto (English Language and Literature), Michelle Ho (Communications and New Media), Yuen Shu Min (Japanese Studies).