Issues, complexities, and diversities related to gender and sexuality have always been fundamental aspects of social life in all its facets. However, debates, changes, and challenges related to gender and sexuality have probably never been so much in play as they are in the current century.

While there is greater visibility around gender and sexuality there are also multiple contradictions—including intersections with class, race, ethnicity, and disability—that we wish to explore and discuss. For example, just as some countries have afforded same-sex couples the opportunity to gain legal recognition (e.g. Taiwan), other countries work to rid their societies of LGBTQ people, groups and organisations (e.g. Russia).

We wanted to set up the Gender and Sexuality Research Cluster (GSRC) to capture and engage with the complexities around these issues and more.

We have developed three streams: Borders and Boundaries; Media and Discourse; Youth and Society. In each of these streams, we examine: the localised and global experiences of borders and boundaries that impact on everyday realities of possibilities and constraints; what and how things, ideas and practices are articulated and circulated; the anxieties and aspirations expressed by young people in the region. These are designed to facilitate interdisciplinary engagement and expertise as well as capture timely issues and concerns that require our intellectual and socio-political attention.

Our vision is to develop a dynamic, vibrant and timely space for intellectual conversations and engagements focused primarily on genders and sexualities, especially in the context of and from within Asia.

FASS is home to many scholars at the cutting edge of gender and sexuality inquiry. We hope they will become key participants in GSRC. Our cluster will act as an essential and lively site of scholarly engagement, sharing, and productivity.

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